• Rubber roof with cleaning agent
  • UV-Blocking treatment protecting the rubber membrane

Have you had your RF Roof Inspected Lately?

free rv roof inspectionIt is important to ensure that you perform regular maintenance on your RV Roof.  You should do this when winterizing your RV and when you are getting it ready to use after the winter has passed. It is crucial to the health of your RV roof to clear debris, mold and rust each season. Neglecting to take good care of your roof may cause lems for you as the years go by.     

Roof Types

There are typically four types of roofs on an RV: EPDM RV Roof, TPO RV Roof, Aluminum and Fiberglass.  It is important to know what type of roof is on your RV as each type has specific materials and methods to keep it healthy.  You should be able to determine what type of roof your RV has in your RV manual.  We can also help you with our FREE Roof inspections.

Seals and Cracks

You should check the seals around your skylights, air conditioning unit and vents. Over time the seals can crack from weather exposure and attract mold and dirt.  You can clean the mold and remove the dirt around your vents and skylights but it is best to leave the air conditioner maintenance to the experts as sealing it could cause condensation issues in your RV.


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